Pulsar Designer    Jean Wuischpard.........1914 - 2006    May 3, 2006   


(Above) Jean Wuischpard working in his shop less than three months before his death. 

The man who designed the world�s first production digital LED watch has passed away at his home thirteen days shy of his 92nd birthday. Jean M. Wuischpard designed most all of the famous Pulsar LED watches for The Hamilton Watch Co. and Time Computer, Inc. in Lancaster, PA.  Wuischpard's designs were largely responsible for the huge success of the Pulsar project and in many respects he went unrecognized for his achievements. Although the first production digital LED watch in 1972 was a first in technology, his design of the $2,100, 18k Limited Edition (a.k.a. P1) set a trend in watch design as well as the standard for all other LED watches. Some of Wuischpard�s designs have been copied several times, for instance, one of the most popular Pulsars designs, the P3 Date-Command. In 2002, the new Swiss Hamilton Watch Company copied his design for a special edition watch seen in the movie Men in Black-2. So ahead of time itself is one way to describe Wuischpard's designs, his futuristic designs for the Pulsar seemed to come one right after another and certainly helped make Pulsar the most successful LED watch ever!  Back in the 70s you would see a Pulsar watch on the arm of the many celebrities like Sammy Davis Jr., Bill Bixby in his TV series "The Magician" and many others. Even heads of state like President Ford, King Hussein of Jordan and a Queen (the queen of country), Tammy Wynette wore a Pulsar designed by Wuischpard! Today his creations are one of the most collectable timepieces in the world. As the LED watch has made a huge comeback, you again see the Wuischpard influence on the wrist of many today!   

Born in Geneva, Wuischpard was an avid mountain climber. He graduated from several prestigious watch and jewelry institutes in Switzerland before coming to America. Before joining Hamilton around 1963, he worked as a case designer for the Schwab & Wuischpard Watch Case Company. Jean worked his way up from the design department to Vice President and production manager at S&W before taking the position at Hamilton. Wuischpard was hired by Hamilton to head the watch case departments in both Lancaster and Wallingford and designed many of the Wallace watches as well as the tools and methods to make them. His talents were not limited to watch case design as Wuischpard also created some award wining Jewelry.

Wuischpard worked on the Pulsar project and designed the watch case for the world�s first production digital watch. He continued with his designs for the new Pulsar watch division, Time Computer, Inc. until production ceased in 1977. 

Until his passing, Wuischpard worked in his watch shop repairing and making watch cases with his son, Peter. The Wuischpard name is well known for expertise in case making and case repair. Jean Wuischpard was a member of the NAWCC.


    (Above)  Jean Wuischpard in the early 70's at his desk designing his next Pulsar masterpiece! 


(Left) Jean Wuischpard is wearing his G.F. LCD Pulsar while sitting at his booth at a 2003 NAWCC show. Below (Right) is Jean and son Peter, the two were a great team and quite inseparable. Jean & Peter shared a bond that most never have the pleasure to see, not just father and son but best of friends. 


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