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WP-01 Wuischpard's First Prototype P1

Simulated  display 

The WP- 01 is the first of the Jean Wuischpard masterpieces.  The case was designed to house the E/D 25-IC  module jointly developed by Hamilton and Electro/Data.  This watch is the first Time Computer Inc. Pulsar as well as the first to incorporate Magnet Setting.  The schematic shown below was included in patent  #3,782,102 filed on April 29th, 1971.  Early on, this design was under considered for production as the first Pulsar. 

The case was literally made by hand.  Other than the inside of the case being bored out with the assistance of a drill press, Wuischpard used a jeweler's saw and files to shape the case from a solid block of stainless steel.  The bracelet chosen by Wuischpard was also used on the World's First Chrono-Matic watch, introduced in 1969.  Although this case design was not the final choice for production, it certainly has many fantastic and distinctive features.  Wuischpard felt the design of the time screen should mimic the LED display. This explains the tapered shape. The time screen also had a "stepped" edge to match a step in the case design, just like the Electro/Data - Hamilton prototype.

Because there is only one such watch, it could be considered as the rarest and the most significant of all Pulsars.

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Below are pictures of the first  button incorporating  a Cobalt Platinum (CoPt) magnet. The design and technical information can also be found in patent #3,782,102.  In addition to the shape of the button, which is more rectangular than latter buttons, the magnet is in the center position, rather than offset like production buttons. Also below, is Wuischpard's first handmade magnet door to store the setting magnet.  Time Computer's  patent also made claim for storing the magnet in the clasp.  

Above: the WP-01 with E/D 25-IC module. Notice the module number #0541 (of 491 -- starting @ #0100) stamped on module were the quartz crystal is located below.  I am often asked if this module works. The answer is, sometimes it lights up,  sometimes parts of it lights up, and sometimes it doesn't light up at all.

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