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- Displays hour, minute, second, month, date. Has AM/PM indicators
- Sensitive pressure points at 12 o´clock and 6 o´clock positions merely have to be touched for time and date.
- "Smart Calendar" adjusts automatically for 29, 30 and 31 day months
- Accurate to within 60 seconds a year
- Water-resistant to a depth of 30 m
- Shock-resistant
- Synthetic sapphire glass time screen
- Auto/Set
- Light sensor
- Flat timing trimmer on back of module

Battery Requirements
- Two Ray-O-Vac RW 48 power cells, which must be installed only by the jeweler.

Product Information
The Ladies Sport model came out the same time as the Mens Sport model (3502-2), and was the last ladies model Pulsar made before going out of business.

Model Numbers

# 2922-1 Stainless Steel, bracelet


Picture: Carlo Di Persio

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