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- Computes and displays constantly updated average pulse rate
- Displays hour, minute, second, month, date. Has AM/PM indicators
-"Smart calendar" adjusts automatically for 29, 30 and 31-day month
- Auto/Set
- Water-resistant to 30m 
- Shock-resistant
- Sapphire  time screen
- Accurate within 60 seconds a year
- Flat trimmer on back of module for timing adjustment

Module - 910

Battery - Four #357

How it Works:








Product Information

After a two year development program the Pulse/Time Computer was finally introduced in April of 1977 in only 100 Limited Edition solid 14K gold units. The Stainless Steel model was introduced in June of 1977 with  just a few thousand units manufactured. The solid gold models are the rarest "documented" of all Pulsar models!

Model Numbers  




14k Solid Gold case and bracelet


Stainless Steel case and bracelet

Note: The manufacture  recommended to read the instructions fully before attempting to determine pulse rate and before demonstrating the product to a customer. Jewelers was required to inform buyers that the Pulse/Time was not a medical device! 

Collector's Notes  

The Pulse/Time was one of the last models in the line-up. This was the first of what Time Computer was hoping to develop to stay in the high-end LED market. After the onslaught of cheap LED watches many of the competitors were already out of the game. The new Pulsar strategy was to move from a "Watch Company" to an innovative, high-tech company developing "Wrist Instruments"! 






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                  3725 (Stainless) Pulse/Time





Pulse-Time Module #910   King Hussein of Jordan in 1977



7725 (14k Gold) Pulse/Time

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