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LCD Dress

- Displays hour, minute, seconds
- Accurate to within 60 seconds a year
- Water-resistant to a depth of 30m
- Shock-resistant
- Mineralite Crystal
- Night Light 
- Fine-adjust timing trimmer on module
- Command button located at "1 o'clock" & "8 o'clock" positions

- Japanese LCD (Ricoh)

-Two #392 button cells

Setting   Instructions









Product Information

Time Computer's new LCD models were typical Pulsar. A high quality gold-filled case and mesh bracelet. One year warranty and the Night Light once again, set the Pulsar apart from the rest.


Model Numbers  

LCD Models


10k Gold-Filled with 14k GF Mesh bracelet


Stainless Steel case and mesh bracelet

Note: Gold-Filled bracelets were from two different manufactures with varying markings and date stampings.

Collector's Notes

The LCD models were the end of the road for Time Computer. After the onslaught of cheaper made LED watches and the rapid growing popularity for the LCD display, the Pulsar project came to an end. Time Computer just wouldn't manufacture watches of a lesser quality than the world had seen them produce to date. Rather than break tradition, they decided to stop production.

These LCD models were part of the final model line-up sold and were certainly part of the Pulsar project.  The famed Pulsar designer, Jean Wuischpard passed away in 2006 with one of his 5140 LCD Pulsar watches on his wrist! 















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Pulsar LCD Prototypes


Above Left: The only fully developed Pulsar LCD with a module. Unfortunately, the Suncrux module isn't working. Ironically, this is the identical module display that was used in the Hamilton LCDQ-1 -- the first Hamilton LCD watch (above right).  There is substantial evidence that Wuischpard influenced the design of the LCDQ-1. Historically, comparing Wuischpard's designs and other future Hamilton LCD models, there is little room for argument that the first Hamilton LCD watch was a derivative of the Pulsar LCD prototypes.

Below (Middle) is a prototype supplied to by fellow collector Abe Megahed


These prototypes were designed by the late Jean Wuischpard but never made it to production. These are the last of the Pulsar watch designs before Time Computer, Inc. closed the doors




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