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Pocket Calculator 


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Prototype:   Just another brilliant design by the master of Pulsar design, Jean Wuischpard. The version has a very heavy brushed finish. We know this was an early design because it has a mineralite Time Screen and the 901- dot display module. These were only found in the first 100 Limited Edition 18k wrist calculators. Very few of these dot-display modules have survived.  Click on the picture above to see a close-up of the display.  Another version of this design would eventually make it's way to market when the solid 18k gold Euro-Style Calculators emerged. 




Sterling Silver:   Made of .999 solid sterling silver, this pocket calculator was marketed through the Pulsar S. A. division of HMW located in Geneva, Switzerland.  It had a special bark-like finish and the standard 901 module with the line display.  These are rarest of all calculators. The numbers of units are unknown.

Commentary:  We've seen this watch described as a "Pendant Watch".  This is incorrect, it is a "Pocket Watch".  A Pendant would be worn around the neck and we think you would agree that would be a bit too heavy.  

There is other misinformation out there that states the Pocket Calculator was part of the Andrew Grima watches with Pulsar modules -- not true.  Also, they say  these calculators were solid gold, which as you can see, is also incorrect. 

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