Early IC used in the "Mystery Watch"



A local trade magazine heard about the project George Thiess was working on and interviewed him in July of 1968, for the first of several articles.   After the article was published, the author was accused of "sensationalizing".  To silence critics, the picture above was allowed to be shown in the September 1968 issue.  Described only as the "Chip" and and said to be magnified about 25 times, this early  Integrated Chip was an alleged part used in the "Mystery Watch".  The picture was supplied to the magazine editor by Electro/Data. 

When it was compared to other early chips, it appears to be manufactured by Texas Instrument.  Let's not forget Thiess use to work at TI and that he possibly would have had access to early chips, even something not yet to be marketed. 

It was mentioned in the September article that after this picture was supplied, the sources for information about the project became "very secretive".  The author's next published article wasn't until May of 1970, when the "Mystery Watch" went public and was reveled as being the Pulsar. 

Note: we closely compared it to all the chips used in the 44-IC module and couldn't find any matches. This would mean, that if this chip was used, it was very early on and for something developed that we have yet to see or know about.

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